Madrid´s Coast


An ideal place to relax and have fun


And finally a tank water of 1500 m3 or what is the same 1,500,000 litres of water. Enough to be able to supply to a holiday resort.







La urbanización tienen acceso directo desde la carretera autonomica M-957 y es de facil acceso desde Madrid capital o desde San Martin de Valdeiglesias.

Location of coast of Madrid

The coast of Madrid is located 65 Km from Madrid along the M-501 Highway located on the banks of Lake San Juan and 3.5 km of beach where you can navigate and perform various nautical activities to just 3 Km from San Martin de Valdeiglesias a charming village with over 500 years of history.



The natural wealth is one of the biggest attractions of the municipality, which has its municipal term with more than 3,000 hectares of Mediterranean forest, pines and Oaks. Ideal to explore on foot, horseback or by bicycle.



It has been given the name deCosta of Madrid as the beach more close to this great city.


Cultural wealth


They are land steeped in history, as evidenced by its monumental heritage, headed by the castle of the Coracera, medieval fortress built in the 15th century by D. Álvaro de Luna, valid from King Juan II, located in the town centre.


Water sports



The reservoir can be various nautical activities such as sailing, water skiing, canoeing and as not to enjoy the Sun and swimming.







Map San Martin de Valdeiglesias can calculate the route from anywhere in Spain or abroad to either of the two points indicated, both as to the terrain.


The terrain is located 50Km from Madrid capital and 3Km of San Martín of Valdeiglesias.Si you want to calculate the route and click on the link.



Topographic information



As you can see in the photo below land for sale are adjacent to the swamp of San Juan, with a high landscape and environmental value represent a total surface of 2.509.189 m2, 894.468 square meters are urban land; of which 147,000 meters are building as well as for residential use hotelier assuming a great attraction for visitors in the case of hotels or as to people looking for a second home where you can relax and enjoy nature.


Highlight that the farm is 3.5 KM from the dam of San Juan Beach.





The lands are connected by road and are of easy access from Madrid or from San Martin de Valdeiglesias.



They have a villa of 200 square meters.


How you can see all surrounded by nature, an ideal place to relax and get away from the noise of the city and relax.



A center of processing power that would give service to the relevant buildings.


Also has a centre of direct water catchment reservoir which has relevant authorizations and permits.



Here can the sewage treatment plant of water which allows you to recycle the waters of the resort or the buildings that correspond.